Finding Orthodox Churches


My name is… I am Russian Orthodox and would like to find out if there is an Orthodox church in the Washington D.C. area.

If the answer is “yes”, please, send me the address and telephone information.


There are several parishes in the Washington, DC area, including St Nicholas Cathedral in DC itself and St Mark Church in Bethesda, MD. I would suggest that you logon to the OCA web site and follow the links to the parish / institution / monastery listings by state.

There you will find:

Addresses / Telephone / Fax / Email
Directions (and possibly a photo of the parish church itself)
Clergy & Lay Leadership
Service Schedules
Ministry Groups & Outreach
Parish History
If you are unable to do this search, please let us know specifically and we will email the information on the various parish churches to you.

Some parishes may not have sent us the detailed information that we have requested on a number of occasions—and thus what you see may be incomplete. If you belong to such a parish, please read our instructions for updating your parish page information.

You will always find address and clergy information since this comes from our database and is also used for the printed OCA Sourcebook. All information is update daily when new information is received from the diocesan chancery or from the parish.