Canonization of the Romanoff Family


To the Orthodox Church of America,

Your work is both admirable and welcome, however as a concerned European pro- Tsarist I wish to submit a question to the Q&A feature on your excellent website!

What is your opinion on the last of the Romanoff Tsars and their martyrdom at Ekateringburg? Will the canonisation of the Saint-Tsar-Emperor-Autocrat Nicholas Aleksandrovich II Romanoff and the Empress—Tsaritsa Aleksandra Fyodorovna—their 4 daughters and the Tsarevitch—Grand Duke Aleksei—be supported by the Orthodox Church in America?


Thank you for your enquiry.

Only the Moscow Patriarchate has the prerogative to determine whether the Royal Family should, or should not, be canonized. As such, if the canonization takes place, the other autocephalous Orthodox Churches, including the Orthodox Church in America, would naturally accept this action.